Monday, April 23, 2007

Blacksburg Anger Rising

I've refrained from commenting further on the events that occurred in Blacksburg because I...well, I was a little numb I guess. I don't know. I still struggle to comprehend what everyone else is trying to comprehend. That which is incomprehensible. I suppose it's human nature to attempt to make sense out of something so unthinkable. I think I feel what most others feel, that there has to be some order to this. There has to be some, until now, lost anchor of reason to offset the seemingly endless nonsense. Just nonsense and pain for pain's sake. And oh, the victims, the victims. EVIL. BASTARD...

I push down rage; black, vitriolic anger rising; acid disgust beginning to simmer. I can't help it. When others are victimized - 32 bright futures and accomplished lives terminated - but for a trampled ego and unrealized sexual fantasies, yes I am enraged!
-This post, I realize could get a bit out of control, so I will take a second to settle down and get a drink of water...

The intended direction of this post was that of smart reflection, not anger. I will try to keep it on track and brief.

I take it personally. I went to college in Virginia, have friends who have graduated as Hokies, and have visited the building in which this took place. I identify with the students, the victims, Virginians...just like so many citizens of the world who also take it personally. The rings of relativity are concentric beginning with those who survived the attack in Blacksburg. Next are lovers, friends and families of the victims. Then, we have first responders and personnel responsible for the protection of those students. Next are fellow students and staff of Virginia Tech. Then there are the fellow students and residents of Blacksburg and then Virginia. Then the lines are a bit closer and less easily distinguishable. Anyone who has sat in a college classroom relates to this event. And for that matter, anyone who is a student, or has ever been a student...

What I am trying to say is, we - I, you, your friends and family, everyone - were all in that building. We all knew those victims. We all know those students. They were the same ones that go to the elementary school right down the street. And they go to the high school right around the corner. They are at the college across town and they will be at the game on Friday. They went to prom last weekend and are set to graduate this spring. They are your children, your friends, your loved ones. They are your beloved future. They are the American parent's pride and joy. You know these kids and you love them.

And you know the shooter as well.

Because...he is the kid right next to your own.

Let's do something about this. I don't know what. But discussion always a good start.
Mental Health - We can never be sure about others' struggles.
Inclusion - A slight here, indifference there, and someone's day is ruined.
Gun Control - Kids with handguns kill kids, with handguns.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


"Did you hear about Virginia Tech?"
"No. What?"
"It's on the news, some guy shot 33 people."
"33 people."
"I know. Isn't it sad?"
"Kinda puts things into perspective."

By perspective, I was referring to, among other things, the brevity and sanctity of life and the relativity of pain. My, how easily we lose perspective. We, generally have short memories when it comes to the importance of family. Yeah, family is important, but the bills are late! I'm late for work! Shhh, I'm trying to watch this show! Honey, I'll be staying late tonight. I can't sweetheart, I'm going out tonight, etc. I know, it is cliche to ask "how much is enough?" So I won't ask.

When horrible events like Blacksburg happen, the question that immediately springs to the minds of parents around the world is "Where are my kids?" The next thought is inevitably something similar to "I wish I could see them." All previously felt annoyance, frustration and anger disappears when viewed through the corrective lense of tragedy.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gmail Paper From Google! Uh...April Fools!


Google with Gmail have created a new phenomenon! It's the latest must have thing. You WILL NOT be able to do without it and they are going to revolutionize email. What is it? They're going back to paper! That's right! Gmail Paper! Imagine this:

You are diligently humming through your email messages when all of a sudden you come across one that you think just might be important in hard copy. Say, a copy of your diploma emailed to you from your online university (heh). To quote Keanu Reeves, "What do you do? What do you do?" Never fear! Google have the answer! Click on the "Paper" button and Google will rush a copy of it right to your door. In one fell stroke, Google will go retro with Gmail Paper and set the world ablaze with backwards innovation (oooh! nice oxmoron!) Everyone will soon follow suit. Insiders say that Microsoft are fast working on a similar offering - code named "TreeLess" - that not only sends you the print, but also a carbon copy of the email. That is, a REAL CARBON COPY! BRILLIANT! Both companies beta periods are set to end at the stroke of midnight on April 2nd 2007, so you'd better get to clickin'!