Sunday, April 30, 2006

At Home, The Street, The Run, and The Year

Ah...I just slipped this in at the month mark!

Soccer Dad?
During the last month and a half I've been trying to get used to my role as a stay-at-home dad. Since I'm working on my business projects at home, it is really hard for for my wife and me to imagine our daughter stuck in day care. So I have my daughter all day every weekday. This has taken some adjustment! But it is really GREAT! The problem is, it gives me no time during the day to work on expanding business projects and getting my wife home. This is not great. As much as I love being home with Carly (and I really do), I'd much prefer that my wife be in my place as she desires. Hmm. Gotta change that fast!

Business is OK. That is, it is sustainable but I'm finding it hard to dedicate good time to expansion. The others are on hold for reasons that I just explained. What I need next is some strict scheduling. Right now, nights run into days that run into nights...

Tri Time
I'm training for a triathlon!
A friend and I are training for a June sprint triathlon. Her training is a bit more far along than mine, but, uh, I uh, should be ready... I'm currently up to 500 meters swimming and 5K running. I've done no bicycle training yet and I've heard that it can really get ya. That is the next BIG hurdle, or...bicycle.

Birthday II (1 year)
The princess is turning one year old on the 18th of May. People have said that her first year would zip by, but i didn't get it. NOW I get it. She was just born yesterday, and now she's a year old! MAN! All the growth and changes, the laughs, the new words, the crawling, steps, expressions, emotions, and the feeling of pride at looking into those big, beautiful eyes. I feel truly blessed to have her, blessed that she's healthy, and blessed that she's made it to one year.