Sunday, November 13, 2005


After All

Many of you may know that the past three years have been pretty eventful for me. Among other things I've:

  • been accepted to a Top 5 Business School.
  • quit a pretty cushy no-thought-required job.
  • moved to North Carolina to attend a Top 5 Business School.
  • failed out of a Top 5 Business School.
  • been diagnosed with severe ADD.
  • moved back to Florida.
  • married the love of my life.
  • tried my luck at entrepreneurship.
  • hit a dead end with entrepreneurship.
  • found the path to financial freedom (just gotta follow it).
  • found out my wife and I were expecting.
  • gone back to a 9-5 job.
  • had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl.
  • found out the answer to the question of me.

It has been quite a journey. I think back on the past three years and the whirlwind of all the emotions, expectations and experiences and wish that I could set up shop on the top of a mountain in Nepal and await the worthy individual on which to bestow all that I've gathered. But it's really too cold up there.

If anyone is really interested...and thinks they are really worthy, umm, just email me. We'll talk.

And Now

The time has come for me to jump back into it. Whatever that means. I've got to get my hands dirty again. You know what I mean. I love family life. I absolutely LOVE it. That, I think is the problem. It is very easy to drop everything and exist as a good middle-classed role model for my daughter. That is, go to working in the morning, call my wife at lunch, come home, spend time with family, eat dinner, watch TV, go to sleep and start over again in the in and day out until retirement. UGGGH!

I know that my grandparents had dreams and I know that my parents had dreams, and I'm truly grateful for all the sacrifices that have taken place to secure my health and well-being. But I cannot allow myself to succumb to simply eking out a work-the-rest-of-your-life existence. I feel sick - really nauseous - considering that outcome. Not that it is bad for anyone else. But for me? This is simply not the way, and I will be restless until my daughter, my wife and I can spend the days together, comfortably, without worrying about preparing for work tomorrow. This is what burns in my gut and quickens my pulse. Five years and I'm out. The gauntlet has been thrown down. And so shall it be.

Stay Tuned

I will update you on progress (or setbacks) as progress is made. I expect nothing less than success in the end, welcoming failures as indications of needed adjustments to strategy. And so shall it be.