Sunday, June 03, 2007

Allison Stokke: The Problem With Being Good and Looking Good

Today, much is made of the speed in which information is attained. Billion dollar corporations base their business models on the very thing. We take it for granted that we have access to ticket prices, movie show times, airfares, Super Bowl results, and world news in as little time as it takes for our computers to start up - if they are not already on (topic for another day).
An unfortunate effect of the "instant information era" is that it is also the instant unwanted attention era, as recent high-school graduate and top high-school pole vaulter Allison Stokke recently discovered.
Stokke was just standing there with her, uh, pole when a photographer snapped a shot. The photograph showed up on a sports page and got a little attention. Another site posted her picture in reference to her stellar physique. Gangbusters.
Poor Allison was an Internet sensation, although not in the annoying way that Dancing Baby spread around the Net. Nor was it with the train wreck-pity that Star Wars Kid was eaten up. No, Allison Stokke was just being good at what she does, and looking good while doing it. And that my friends is the original recipe for fame and fortune. You can't blame people for noticing.


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