Friday, October 14, 2005

This is a quest. This is only a quest.

Welcome to my rambling space.

Lets get right down to it, shall we? Currently I'm consumed with three questions.
  1. How do I become wealthy within five years...legally and morally intact? (that is, earn in excess of $20 million while maintaining family life)
  2. What is it in me that makes me so reject the status quo...American Dream...Social Security?
  3. Why do I never seem to have enough time...for anything?

Yes, this is another one of those blogs that rambles on about the struggle to break free of the college/credit/career/corporate/convalescence chain. I promise you much more self-scrutiny and much more exploration of core issues of wealth creation, intrisic motivation, social programming time management, business management, and management in general.

Make yourself comfortable, this looks like a long ride.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Tajilk said...

The answer to question #1
Attaining financial freedom by fully investing time, a good strategy, promotion, money for studio and image into your very talented sisters singing career; developing a group of managers and producers to push just 1 C.D. (that's all it takes). With the profits of that C.D. we reinvest it into family stocks, bonds etc.. Later creating our own Magazine (Sean), IT Consulting company (Jerron), Fashion Line and modeling staff (Taj'nai), Using our own Advertisement company (Lara) for PR, as well as MNE (Taryn) to recruit and manage new artists in entertainment and sports which will be pioneered by a young female basketball prodigy (Silk). Our parents can relax and enjoy the rest or their lives. If done affectively we ought to be millionaires no later than 2008 and multi-millionaires by 2015. At this time we will be working on Carly.


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